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Jessica E. Miranda


State Rep. Jessica Miranda is a lifelong Ohioan and has a passion for education policy and greater economic opportunity for the taxpayers and families of Ohio's 28th House District, which includes a portion of Hamilton County. A graduate of Talawanda High School, she is a proud product of public schools and her children attend the Winton Woods City School District.

As a small business owner providing insurance and tax services to middle and working class families, Jessica knows firsthand that economic development requires eliminating unnecessary red-tape for startups and creating incentives for businesses that directly address pressing needs of Ohioans.

Jessica believes government has the responsibility to create quality of life standards under which job creation can flourish. She knows job opportunities will prosper only if we create and maintain an educated workforce, improve infrastructure and transportation and increase technology access for our residents. Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Jessica knows that prioritizing public health is essential to getting our economy to its full potential.

During her first term in the Ohio House, Jessica was proud to introduce legislation addressing a variety of issues, including a common-sense gun storage bill and a bill to support our public school counselors. Now serving in her second term, Jessica is continuing to fight for fair school funding and other legislation that makes Southwest Ohio a place where all residents can thrive.

Jessica knows that the government and elected officials work for you, the taxpayer. Being a public servant, Jessica
VALUES the importance of constituent services, as her office works diligently to assist with a wide range of state-related issues.

Jessica is an award-winning Licensed Property & Casualty Insurance Broker and holds numerous IRS certifications. Jessica is also the past president of the Winton Woods City School Board, where she worked to improve standards for attendance, curriculum and fiscal responsibility. With her extensive experience in the private sector and working to improve our public schools, Jessica brings a valuable perspective to the policy-making process in Columbus.

Jessica and her husband, Jose, are the parents of three daughters, homeowners and committed entrepreneurs in the City of Forest Park dedicated to building a stronger and more prosperous community.