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Ohio's aerospace heritage is second to none. From the Wright Brothers' historic work in Dayton and the significant contributions made by Ohio astronauts like John Glenn and Neil Armstrong, to the current multi-billion dollar aerospace and aviation industry in the state, Ohio has always sought to lead the way for the next generation of aerospace innovation.

The Ohio Aerospace and Aviation Technology Committee is an initiative to further develop Ohio's leadership in this area. Created by House Bill 292, this Committee brings together members of an often disparate aerospace community, from military leaders, academic experts and the industry's top innovators. They work together alongside state lawmakers to develop a singular strategy geared to enhance an already robust economy, unify the entire state under one banner and put Ohio in a position to create new opportunities for the future.

The Committee went into effect on September 17, 2014. The Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate each appointed three members of their respective chambers, including a chairman from the House of Representatives. The six legislators then met and selected 14 at-large members from the military, industry, and academia by a majority vote. The Governor made the final appointment to the 21-member body.