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Frank Hoagland


Senator Frank Hoagland is currently serving his second term in the Ohio Senate, representing southeastern Ohio, including the counties of Carroll, Jefferson, Harrison, Belmont, Noble, Monroe, Washington, Athens, Meigs and a portion of Vinton county.

A small business owner and retired Navy SEAL, Senator Hoagland brings common sense leadership and an honorable record of public service to Columbus. Like many Ohioans, Senator Hoagland has become frustrated with the tendency of politicians to make their next election their top priority. Instead he makes serving his district residents, the state and the country his top priority.

For Senator Hoagland, serving his country started early. He volunteered for the Navy just two weeks after graduating from Buckeye North High School in Jefferson County and quickly signed up for Navy SEAL BUDS training, following in the special forces footsteps of his father who had served as an Army Green Beret.

He served as a Navy SEAL for nearly 30 years, participating in combat zones including the International War on Terrorism and the War on Drugs in South America. Navy SEAL training prepared him for a life of sacrifice by focusing on the notion that success comes when people focus on helping others before they focus on helping themselves.

After his last combat deployment in 2011, Senator Hoagland retired and returned to eastern Ohio. Seeking new opportunities to serve and help to protect his community, he founded the small business S.T.A.R.T., Special Tactics Response Training. He shares his expertise on emergency situation preparation and emergency response procedures with local school districts, businesses, and law enforcement agencies.

As a state senator, he looks forward to working on issues important to the people of his district, including jobs and economic development, education, veterans affairs and fighting the opiate epidemic in our state.

Senator Hoagland is married to his high school sweetheart Darla, and they live in Adena. They have two grown sons, Josh and Luke and one grandaughter, Ella Rose.